Management Control and Knowhow

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AgriGo provides total commitment to the success of a project and its ability to generate profits for the customer. Accompaniment, follow up and advice from AgriGo professionals are key components in all the various aspects of the production process.

AgriGo provides the added value services that the client wants and needs during initial system running in and complete farm management for the period required by the customer.
AgriGo Specialities:
  • Planning and establishment of the farm work force
  • Integration between all production and service units
  • Advice on livestock nutrition and cost effective feed formulations
  • Enhanced efficiency through the assimilation of advanced technologies
  • Veterinary services
  • Insemination services
  • During the startup stage, the supply of fertile eggs and the start up livestock 
  • State of the art food technology standard design from slaughter house to market
  • Planning and establishment programs for biotech technologies. 
  • Field crops – growing and harvesting specialists.

Reliable after-sales and backup services provided even outside regular business hours constitute vital components in the range of services provided by of AgriGo. Our customers known that they can rely on AgriGo.