Dairy Farms

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AgriGo value chain concept gives a complete Dairy Farm solution that combines expertise in all aspects required from raising the crops to design, construction, herd importation, team building and management by results. All this commits to results in yield, milk components, health and feed.

System Safety
AgriGo use a at the most advanced technologies Dairy systems that ensure the continued milk production with no single point of failure. All systems, including control and movable systems with hot backup systems.

Dairy Farm Independence

AgriGo's dairy farm can include technologically advanced plug-flow bio-gas system that addresses several key issues:
  • Energy balance between consumption and production. Via the use of the bio-gas system, the gas produced is converted to energy supplying the electrical needs of the mechanical equipment in the farm. 
  • Heat exchange systems both in the milking parlor, exchanging milk temperature heat, as well as heat exchange from the gas turbines address all the heating requirements of the farm: equipment shed, milking parlor and waiting area, feed center elements and the bio-gas system itself.
  • A special addition to the bio-gas that includes pasteurization of the manure as well as multi-step separator produces all the bedding needs of the farm, avoiding the need for sand or alternative bedding all of which have both a significant cost effect as well as being a maintenance nightmare.

AgriGo offers a unique set of advantages which no other company can, in experience and knowledge, both at the setup and the operational phases of a dairy farm. These advantages coupled by the unique commitment to execution parameters make AgriGo the best choice when setting up or upgrading a dairy farm.

Setup Advantages
  • Best of Breed Solution
  • Experience in construction in cold as well as warm courtiers.
  • Knowledge and Experience in Dairy Farms
  • Efficient Design & construction
  • Experience, quantity and cost saving in cows importation
  • Technological advantages
  • History of On-Time, On-Budget Projects
  • Proven experience in all facets of setup

Operational Advantages

  • Tailored Dairy Farm Financial Management
  • Corporate Feed Matrix Management
  • Veterinary & Health training & monitoring
  • Rough Feed quality growing and harvesting
  • Imported items purchasing savings
  • Maintenance savings
  • Communications systems and language advantages

All above advantages translate together to Lower Cost, Higher Quality, with Proven Success Stories.