Pig Farming

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AgriGo expertise provides fully integrated, pig rearing projects employing innovative technologies and the most sophisticated foundation for professionally managed pig farms.

AgriGo offers a complete pig farming service encompassing all facets of this industry, including the design and construction of housing, insemination, herd management, etc.
Using best of breed technology, AgriGo ensures maximum utilization of space and highly efficient systems providing excellent working conditions.

AgriGo uses easy to handle, hermetically sealed, easy to clean and hygienic panels. Panel construction and materials guarantee a long working life – they are highly shockproof, durable and resistant to disinfectants, fungi and water.
Feed systems are a high cost, very important item for any pig farmer. AgriGo uses technologically advanced, automated feeding systems that ensure that your pigs get the right feed ration at easily manageable cost.

With AgriGo’s insemination services, your pigs will excel and you will be able to maximize your profit potential in every parameter: Productivity, longevity, growth rate, feed efficiency, carcass yield, loin depth and lean muscle content.

AgriGo’s one stop shop approach provides you with all the equipment you need:
· Environment control and central management program
· Water and manure tanks
· Silos
· Feeder hoppers and troughs
· Drinking systems
· Slat flooring
· Mother equipment
· Profile fencing and pen dividers
· Gestation equipment
· Accessories
· Weaning equipment
· Fattening equipment
· Ventilation