Turkey Rearing Systems

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World demand for red and lean meat is on the rise, and there are very real challenges to produce higher quantities of turkey meat. Moreover, there is a growing demand for a meat with a neutral taste, which can absorb the taste of other products.

Characteristically, modern, intensive turkey rearing means between 10,000 and 100,000 birds per farm, producing quality meat in good maintenance conditions at relatively low cost (defined as the ratio between feed consumption and 1kg of meat produced).

Meat quality is measured against a number of criteria, such as bird size, health and mortality rates.

There are two principal methods for rearing turkeys. One method separates the rearing of males and females at various growth stages - after hatching and at the different feeding stages. The other method rears males and females together at all stages (using an EMPTY - BUSY approach). Both methods have been proven economically viable and effective. Which system should be used is usually a function of the scale of the project.

AgriGo specializes in the design and establishment of integrated turkey production projects, including: Sourcing and the supply of equipment, improved planning and the efficient integration of the entire rearing system – Reproduction, hatching units, fattening houses and young stock houses.

Applying its unique engineering experience and expertise in this field, AgriGo researches local conditions and then custom tailors project design and development to optimize production in those specific conditions. Ventilation and automation systems based on state-of-the-art technologies in the field of poultry operations and poultry hous ventilation is then designed to maximize project potential.

Project management teams supervise every stage in construction and establishment.
Professional teams then provide the post-commissioning support that ensures a successful, efficient and profitable rearing system.

The main features of AgriGo’s sophisticated systems are the latest in:
· Automatic feeding systems
· Drinking systems
· Ventilation systems
· Cooling systems
· Heating systems
· Electrical and control systems, including emergency backup systems.