Layers and Pullets

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The egg production industry is currently facing a number of challenges. Today’s typical farm has between 100,000 and 2,000,000 laying hens and that means a whole new approach to egg quality, egg production, profitability and production costs.

Several criteria are applied when judging egg quality, including size, cleanliness and the proportion of broken eggs.

A modern egg production system requires sophisticated technology in order to achieven modern maintenance conditions – larger cages, improved watering and feeding equipment, reliable and efficient manure disposal systems, an efficient, breakage-proof egg collection system, and a ventilation system able to create the optimal conditions that will ensure good performance.

AgriGo specializes in the design and development of integrated projects and the supply of the complete range of layer equipment including cages. AgriGo also sets up turn-key projects providing a complete production system, including reproduction facilities, housing systems, sorting and packing systems, refrigerated egg storage and egg processing plants.

AgriGo also designs and establishes free range housing systems for laying hens.

AgriGo offers a unique range of egg collection systems for laying hens in multi-level housing including automatic manure removal systems. These sophisticated designs improve house production capacity without raising population density. Therefore, they are compliant with all the relevant standards and regulations.

Innovative, integrated designs ensure separation between housing areas and the egg sorting and packing facilities.

AgriGo’s engineering and technical experience means custom tailored design and development of projects based on specific local information and optimization of egg production systems to match local conditions. Special attention is paid to the use of the most up to date ventilation and automation systems for egg layer housing, and the systems used for egg sorting, packing and transportation.
AgriGo’s professional teams provide the follow up technical support that ensures project success.