Broiler Farms

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Demand for chicken meat is rising worldwide, which means that broiler production is now facing a number of challenges.

Characteristically, modern, large scale, intensive poultry farms rear between 300,000 and 2,000,000 broilers, which means relatively low production costs (the ratio between feed consumed and 1kg of chicken meat produced) in good conditions and high quality meat.

There are two principal broiler breeding methods. One uses litter (floor) brooding, the other rears the birds in cages. Both methods are economically feasible and proven. Which system should be used depends mainly on the cost of construction and land, with geographic location and local conditions (including management system and breeding method) taken into account.

Bird quality is high because of the maintenance conditions are better, the cages are larger, there is improved access to feeders and drinkers, a reliable and efficient manure disposal system (cage rearing system), an efficient breakage-proof egg collection system and the ventilation system is designed to create the optimal climate conditions which will improve performance.
Today’s farmers must adapt their broiler production systems to comply with market standards and requirements.

AgriGo specializes in the design and development of complete, integrated, broiler rearing projects, which means from sourcing and supply of modern equipment to integrated turn-key projects covering every stage in the production process – reproduction, hatching, broiler houses, etc.

AgriGo’s Engineering and technical expertise means that project design and development is based on specific local information and the matching of rearing systems ventilation and automation systems to those conditions. AgriGo designs use state-of-the-art technologies in the field of cage rearing, floor brooding equipment and house ventilation.
Project management teams supervise construction and installation.
Professional, post-commissioning support teams ensure successful, efficient production and profitability.

All equipment supplied is manufactured using high-quality, durable materials; systems are easy to operate and provide the constantly good conditions, required for an intensive, successful poultry operation.

AgriGo’s sophisticated, technologically advanced systems include:
Automatic feeding systems
Drinking systems
Ventilation systems
Cooling systems
Heating systems
Electrical and control systems, including emergency backups.